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Ping Type Spec #52

bfrog opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The type spec for riakc_pb_socket:ping/2 function has ok | {error, _} as the return type when in reality the response is pong | {error, _}.

It would be good to either fix the spec to match reality or fix the response to match the spec so dialyzer isn't complaining I've done things wrong when I have

pong = ...:ping(...)


@bfrog Pull-request? Seems best to fix the -spec.


I tried making a patch and pushing it to my fork on github, github seems to have mysteriously lost my branch.


@bfrog Ouch. The diff in a gist (or other pastebin) would be sufficient, if you have it.


This was addressed in #81, thanks @cdahlqvist.

@seancribbs seancribbs closed this
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