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On last version 1.3.1 mapreduce return strange results {ok,[]} #72

mkuznetsov opened this Issue · 4 comments

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After update from 1.2 I cannot get simple map reduce
That code works fine on 1.2:
riakc_pb_socket:mapred(Pid, [{Bucket, Key}],
                                       [{map, {modfun, riak_kv_mapreduce, map_object_value},undefined, true}])
and return {ok,[{0,Result}]} on success. Now I get {ok,[]} on same code. All buckets and keys reference to real entities


@mkuznetsov I'll try to take a look some time this week. I'm surprised as the the mapred code hasn't really changed since riakc 1.2.

@metadave metadave was assigned

all the M/R unit tests for 1.3.1 pass:
riakc_pb_socket:2026: live_node_tests (javascript_source_map_test())...[0.029 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2042: live_node_tests (javascript_named_map_test())...[0.026 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2058: live_node_tests (javascript_source_map_reduce_test())...[0.032 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2088: live_node_tests (javascript_named_map_reduce_test())...[0.029 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2109: live_node_tests (javascript_bucket_map_reduce_test())...[0.039 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2127: live_node_tests (javascript_arg_map_reduce_test())...[0.029 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2145: live_node_tests (erlang_map_reduce_test())...[0.033 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2169: live_node_tests (missing_key_erlang_map_reduce_test())...[0.026 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2183: live_node_tests (missing_key_javascript_map_reduce_test())...[0.029 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2195: live_node_tests (map reduce bad inputs)...[0.001 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2206: live_node_tests (map reduce bad input keys)...[0.001 s] ok
riakc_pb_socket:2217: live_node_tests (map reduce bad query)...[0.001 s] ok

Which version of Riak?
JavaScript or Erlang M/R query?
Can you send provide any code that will make mapred/* fail?


Closing as stale.

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@metadave metadave was unassigned by mkuznetsov
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