2i integer indexes limited to Integer.MAX_VALUE #112

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The addIndex() method in the IRiakObject takes an int as its second argument. This limits the value to Integer.MAX_VALUE (2^31-1). Riak/erlang do not have this limitation nor does the HTTP or Protocol Buffers API.

@broach broach was assigned Mar 15, 2012

This is currently blocked as you can not fix it without breaking the IRiakObject interface. This will have to wait until a major revision.


Which riak release can we expect to have this change ? I need it desperately :)

For those that need to perform range queries, you can use the following work around (its not very efficient mind you)

// Declare a java reduce function that returns all rows after arg[0]
public static JSSourceFunction MY_FUNCTION = new JSSourceFunction(
            "function(value, arg) { " +
    "var time = arg[0]; " +
    "var length = value.length; " +
    "var result = new Array(); " + 
    "var counter=0; " +
    "for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) " + 
    "{ " +
        "var element = value[i]; " +
        "if (element.timeUnit > time) " +
        "{ " +
            "result[counter] = element; " +
            "counter++; " +
        "} " +
    "}" +
    "return result; " +
"} " 

// Use it in your map reduce query
                    .addLinkPhase(BUCKET_X, "_")
                    .addReducePhase(MY_FUNCTION, new Long [] {after})
Basho Technologies member

Can we make an additive change, like add duplicate methods with either Number or BigInteger in the signature, mark the old methods deprecated and remove them later. That way we can have a none-interface breaking fix sooner rather than later?


Or could it be handled internally and look for annotations at either Integer or Long types and then use a sort of Long.valueOf(..) assuming it will take either Integer or Long as parameter and just treat them all as Longs. If you always expect a long and receive int it shouldn't break for old code; though I haven't exactly look at the source code, I can only talk from the annotation perspective (POJO/domain style)

@broach broach pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 13, 2013
Brian Roach Change 2i to use long values
The original implementation of 2i used int for _int indexes
which is caused an upper bound of 2^31. The client will
now use long values eliminating this restriction.

When possible backwards compatability was maintained, specifically
regarding the @RiakIndex notation and the FetchIndex class. Users of
the IRiakObject interface calling getIntIndex() or allIntIndexes()
will need to change the type being returned from Set<Integer> to Set<Long>

This addresses #112
@russelldb russelldb was assigned Jan 14, 2013
@broach broach closed this Jan 16, 2013

Awesome. Looking forward to this on the next release.

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