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542c10d @beerriot Added tag riak-0.10 for changeset c8c596bfdd48
beerriot authored
1 c8c596bfdd48a9e28de4c66911af592bf490f76b riak-0.10
8b2098f @argv0 Added tag riak-python-client-1.0.0 for changeset aafe6f3135be
argv0 authored
2 aafe6f3135beba5bfd12be313af068b78e6d6712 riak-python-client-1.0.0
ea1f252 @argv0 Added tag riak-python-client-1.0.1 for changeset cab37c98ec94
argv0 authored
3 cab37c98ec948378b0ef905001272640d72a8d0c riak-python-client-1.0.1
5f44ee6 @argv0 Removed tag riak-python-client-1.0.1
argv0 authored
4 cab37c98ec948378b0ef905001272640d72a8d0c riak-python-client-1.0.1
5 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 riak-python-client-1.0.1
0068b95 @argv0 Added tag riak-python-client-1.0.1 for changeset c22f9779ee71
argv0 authored
6 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 riak-python-client-1.0.1
7 c22f9779ee7104d54c4a178edbf1db0b80731603 riak-python-client-1.0.1
9a1c813 @argv0 Added tag riak-python-client-1.1.0 for changeset 9dc6141a5087
argv0 authored
8 9dc6141a5087919ae05f19d21eae8e03d949734c riak-python-client-1.1.0
38d8809 @argv0 Added tag riak-python-client-1.1.1 for changeset 6f4f58e0c381
argv0 authored
9 6f4f58e0c3811be43ec7f9e098fa7492cdd23c59 riak-python-client-1.1.1
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