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# Riak Python Client Release Notes
+## 1.4.0 Feature Release - 2012-03-30
+Release 1.4.0 is a feature release comprising over 117 individual
+Noteworthy features:
+* Python 2.6 and 2.7 are supported. On 2.6, the unittest2 package is
+ required to run the test suite.
+* Google's official protobuf package (2.4.1 or later) is now a
+ dependency. The package from is no
+ longer necessary.
+* Travis-CI is enabled on the client. Go to
+ for build status.
+* Riak 1.0+ features, namely secondary indexes and primary quora
+ (PR/PW), are supported.
+* `if_none_match` is a valid request option when storing objects, and
+ will prevent the write when set to `True` if the key already exists.
+* Links can be set wholesale using the `set_links()` method.
+* Transport-specific options can be passed through when creating a
+ `Client` object.
+* A connection manager was added that will (when manipulated manually)
+ allow connections to multiple Riak nodes. This will be fully
+ integrated in a future release.
+Noteworthy bugfixes:
+* Links now use the proper URL-encoding in HTTP headers, preventing
+ problems with explosion from multiple encoding passes.
+* Many fixes were applied to make the Protocol Buffers transport more
+ stable.
+* `RiakObject.get_content_type()` will behave properly when content
+ type is not set.
+* Deprecated transport classes were removed since their functionality
+ had folded into the primary transports.
+* A temporary fix was made for unicode bucket/key names which raises
+ an error when they are used and cannot be coerced to ASCII.
+* The Erlang sources/beams for the TestServer are now included in the
+ package.
+* MapReduce failures will now produce a more useful error message and
+ be handled properly when no results are returned.
+There are lots of other great fixes from our wonderful
+community. [Check them out!](
## 1.3.0 Feature Release - 2011-08-04
Release 1.3.0 is a feature release bringing a slew of updates.
@@ -1,16 +1,44 @@
The following people have contributed to the Riak Python client:
+Andrew Thompson
Andy Gross
-Justin Sheehy
-Rusty Klophaus
+Armon Dadgar
+Brett Hoerner
+Brian Roach
+Bryan Fink
+Daniel Lindsley
+Daniel Néri
+Daniel Reverri
+David Koblas
+Dmitry Rozhkov
+Eric Florenzano
+Eric Moritz
+Filip de Waard
+Gilles Devaux
+Greg Nelson
+Greg Stein
+Gregory Burd
+Ian Plosker
Jayson Baird
+Jeffrey Massung
Jon Meredith
-Eric Florenzano
-Silas Sewell
-Matt Heitzenroder
+Josip Lisec
+Justin Sheehy
+Kevin Smith
Mark Erdmann
-Greg Nelson
+Mark Phillips
+Mathias Meyer
+Matt Heitzenroder
Mikhail Sobolev
-Eric Moritz
-Brett Hoerner
+Reid Draper
+Russell Brown
+Rusty Klophaus
Scott Lystig Fritchie
+Sean Cribbs
+Shuhao Wu
+Silas Sewell
+Socrates Lee
+Soren Hansen
+Sreejith Kesavan
+Timothée Peignier
+William Kral
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ def make_pb():
- version='1.3.0',
+ version='1.4.0',
packages = find_packages(),
install_requires = install_requires,
tests_require = tests_require,
@@ -39,5 +39,9 @@ def make_pb():
author='Basho Technologies',
- url=''
+ url='',
+ classifiers = ['License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License',
+ 'Intended Audience :: Developers',
+ 'Operating System :: OS Independent',
+ 'Topic :: Database']

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