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Add release notes for 1.2.2.

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+# Riak Python Client Release Notes
+## 1.2.2 Patch Release - 2011-06-22
+Release 1.2.2 is a minor patch release.
+Noteworthy fixes and improvements:
+* #29: Add an nicer API for using key filters with MapReduce (Eric Moritz)
+* #13 and #24: Let Riak generate a key when none is specified (Mark Erdmann)
+* #28: Function aliases for the Riak built-in MapReduce functions (Eric Moritz)
+* #20: Add a convenience method to create Riak object directly from file (Ana Nelson)
+* #16: Support return\_body parameter when creating a new object (Stefan Praszalowicz, Andy Gross)
+* #17: Storing an object fails when it doesn't exist in Riak (Eric Moritz, Andy Gross)
+* #18: Ensure that a default content type is set when none specified (Andy Gross)
+* #22: Fix user meta data support (Mathias Meyer)
+* #23: Fix links to the wiki (Mikhail Sobolev)
+* #25: Enable support for code coverage when running tests (Mikhail Sobolev)
+* #26: Debian packaging (Dmitry Rozhkov)
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