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Riak 0.12.0 Release Notes
Riak now uses a new and improved mechanism for determining whether a
node is fully online and ready to participate in Riak operations. This
is especially important in failure recovery situations, as it allows
the storage backend to complete a full integrity check and repair
process. (134)
Applications can now use the keywords "one", "quorum" (or "default"),
and "all" in place of number values to set R, W, and DW quorum settings.
This allows developers to specify intended consistency levels more
clearly. (211, 276, 277, 322)
The multi backend has been fixed so bitcask can be used with the
other backends (274). If innostore is installed it must be upgraded to 1.0.1
if it will be used with the multi backend.
82 - HTTP API now returns 400 when quorum parameters exceed N-val.
83 - Default quorum parameters are now configurable in HTTP and Protobuf APIs.
97 - Riak now calls a BackendModule:stop/1 function, allowing cleanup during shutdown.
190 - HTTP API now returns 503 when Riak operation times out.
192 - HTTP API no longer list keys on a bucket by default.
283 - HTTP API now returns 404 when an object is missing, regardless of accept header. (202)
216 - The "/stats" page now includes read-repair stats.
219 - A node now verifies that the ring_creation_size matches before joining a cluster.
230 - Upgrade to latest version of Mochiweb.
237 - Added a 'mapByFields' built-in Map/Reduce function.
246 - Improved error reporting in post-commit hooks.
251 - More descriptive error message on malformed link walking operations.
256 - The /stats endpoint now shows Riak version number.
259 - Improve python client packaging. Publish on PyPI.
267 - Updated bucket defaults to improve replica distribution across physical nodes.
274 - Improvements to storage backend interface layer.
365 - Use updated "rebar eunit" task for running tests.
Bugs Fixed
26 - The 'devrel' target now builds on CentOS.
27 - Fixed 'riak-admin' problem on some architectures, including Solaris.
138 - Fixed platform specific problems in Riak 'init.d' script.
205 - Fixed Bitcask errors on 32-bit Erlang. (331, 344)
229 - Fixed 'riak stop' error on Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3.
240 - Python client now properly escapes "/" in Buckets and Keys.
253 - Correctly pass missing object (not_found) results between Map/Reduce phases.
274 - Correctly forward 'info' messages from multi_backend to child backends.
278 - Make Riak backup work correctly in all cases when objects are deleted while backup is in progress.
280 - Fixed corner cases causing timestamp collision in Bitcask.
281 - Fixed premature tombstone collection in Bitcask.
301 - Fixed chunked mapreduce results to use correct line breaks (\r\n).
305 - Fixed possible race condition between get and Bitcask merge.
382 - Update Map/Reduce to honor timeout setting.
361 - Cleaned up Dialyzer warnings. (373, 374, 376, 381, 389)
382 - Update Map/Reduce to honor timeout setting.
402 - Make Bitcask data and hint files more resistant to corruption.
Riak has been updated with the necessary changes to compile
on Erlang R14A, but has not been thoroughly tested on R14A.
Please continue to run Riak on R13B04 in production. (263, 264, 269)
All bug and issue numbers reference
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