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Riak 1.1.0 Release Notes (INITIAL DRAFT)

Major Features and Improvements for Riak

Riak Control

-Riak Control preview demo -Riak Control repository with documentation on how to get started


-Blog post announcing riaknostic -Riaknostic Homepage

Bitcask Improvements

Lager Improvements

  • Tracing support (see the README)
  • Term printing is ~4x faster and much more correct (compared to io:format)

Bitstring printing support

LevelDB Improvements

Snappy Support Enabled

Compaction Changes

MapReduce Improvements

  • The MapReduce interface now supports requests with empty queries. This allows the 2i, list-keys, and search inputs to return matching keys to clients without needing to include a reduce_identity query phase.
  • MapReduce error messages have been improved. Most error cases should now return helpful information all the way to the client, while also producing less spam in Riak’s logs.

Riak KV Improvements

Listkeys Backpressure

Other Additions

Default small_vclock to be equal to big_vclock

If you are using bidirectional cluster replication and you have overridden the defaults for either of these then you should consider setting both to the same value.

The default value of small_vclock has been changed to be equal to big_vclock in order to delay or even prevent unnecessary sibling creation in a Riak deployment with bidirectional cluster replication. When you replicate a pruned vector clock the other cluster will think it isn’t a descendent, even though it is, and create a sibling. By raising small_vclock to match big_vclock you reduce the frequency of pruning and thus siblings. Combined with vnode vclocks, sibling creation, for this particular reason, may be entirely avoided since the number of entries will almost always stay below the threshold in a well behaved cluster (i.e. one not under constant node membership change or network partitions).

Known Issues

-Luwak has been deprecated in the 1.1 release -bz1160 - Bitcask fails to merge on corrupt file

Bugs Fixed

-bz775 - Start-up script does not recreate /var/run/riak -bz1283 - erlang_js uses non-thread-safe driver function -bz1333 - Bitcask attempts to open backup/other files -Poolboy - Lots of potential bugs fixed, see detailed post by Andrew Thompson

Lager Specific Bugs Fixed

  • #26 - don’t make a crash log called ‘undefined’
  • #28 - R13A support (god only knows why I bothered merging this)
  • #29 - Don’t unnecessarily quote atoms
  • #31 - Better crash reports for proc_lib processes
  • #33 - Don’t assume supervisor children are named with atoms
  • #35 - Support printing bitstrings (binaries with trailing bits)
  • #37 - Don’t generate dynamic atoms
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