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Finalize release notes for 1.0.3 release

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-[[][bz1306 - get_fsm crashes when riak_object value is not a binary]]
** Other Additions
*** riak-admin top
-=riak-admin= can now run etop against the server. Etop provides
+=riak-admin= can now run top against the server. Top provides
information about what the erlang processes inside of Riak are doing.
-Etop reports process reductions (an indicator of CPU utilization),
+Top reports process reductions (an indicator of CPU utilization),
memory used and message queue sizes.
Start with =riak-admin top= and exit with double-^C
@@ -26,7 +26,15 @@ production environment. As a result of this change, it can now support
*** New Claim Algorithm
The new claim algorithm introduced in the 1.0 release has been set as
-the default.
+the default for 1.0.3.
+The new claim algorithm significantly reduces the amount of ownerhip
+shuffling for clusters with more than N+2 nodes in them. Changes to
+the cluster membership code in 1.0 made the original claim algorithm
+fall back to just reordering nodes in sequence in more cases than it
+used to, causing massive handoff activity on larger clusters. Mixed
+clusters including pre-1.0 nodes will still use the original algorithm
+until all nodes are upgraded.
*** Changes to Handoff Concurrency
The default value for =handoff_concurrency= was set to 1 to err on the

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