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Include leveldb source code in riak source distribution

When building riak's source tarball, `git archive` is used
to ensure clean repositories are used rather than working
directories that might have uncommited changes.  This works
fine except for one special case where eleveldb downloads
leveldb into its source tree.  In this case 'git archive'
then removes the leveldb source because it is not truly
a committed file in eleveldb's repository.

The side effect of this issue are users who try to build
riak from source while either offline or without access
to github while building.  Any build will fail because
eleveldb does not have leveldb's source tree that is needed.

This commit fixes that by using a work around to `git archive`
in the one special case of eleveldb.  The `.git` directories
are still cleaned, but the leveldb source tree is left intact.

The one downside to this change is eleveldb is not treated
differently than every other repository and local changes
to eleveldb's source tree can possibly leak into the source
tarball.  This however is very unlikely due to `make dist`
using a completely separate `make deps` chain than the standard
developer `make deps`.  Basically someone would have to really
try hard to mess it up.

This addresses basho/riak#345
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Jared Morrow
Jared Morrow committed Jun 28, 2013
1 parent 8caf983 commit 420a82190648cdc25d111fa78d115278fce504ed
Showing with 20 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +20 −5 Makefile
@@ -159,9 +159,23 @@ MAJOR_VERSION ?= $(shell echo $(REVISION) | sed -e 's/\([0-9.]*\)-.*/\1/')
## Generates a tarball that includes all the deps sources so no checkouts are necessary
-# Use git archive to copy a repository at a current revision to a new directory
+# Use git archive make a clean copy of a repository at a current
+# revision and copy to a new directory
archive_git = git archive --format=tar --prefix=$(1)/ HEAD | (cd $(2) && tar xf -)
+# Alternative to git archive to remove .git directory, but not any
+# other files outside of the source tree (used for eleveldb which
+# brings in leveldb)
+clean_git = cp -R ../../$(1) $(2)/deps/ && find $(2)/$(1) -name .git -type d | xargs rm -rf
+# Determines which function to call. eleveldb is treated as a special case
+archive = if [ "$(1)" = "deps/eleveldb" ]; then \
+ $(call clean_git,$(1),$(2)); \
+ else \
+ $(call archive_git,$(1),$(2)); \
+ fi
# Checkout tag, fetch deps (so we don't have to do it multiple times) and collect
# the version of all the dependencies into the MANIFEST_FILE
CLONEDIR ?= riak-clone
@@ -202,10 +216,11 @@ build_clean_dir = cd distdir/$(CLONEDIR) && \
mkdir ../$(PKG_ID)/deps && \
for dep in deps/*; do \
cd $${dep} && \
- $(call archive_git,$${dep},../../../$(PKG_ID)) && \
- mkdir -p ../../../$(PKG_ID)/$${dep}/priv && \
- printf "`git describe --long --tags 2>/dev/null || git rev-parse HEAD`" > ../../../$(PKG_ID)/$${dep}/priv/vsn.git && \
- cd ../..; done
+ $(call archive,$${dep},../../../$(PKG_ID)) && \
+ mkdir -p ../../../$(PKG_ID)/$${dep}/priv && \
+ printf "`git describe --long --tags 2>/dev/null || git rev-parse HEAD`" > ../../../$(PKG_ID)/$${dep}/priv/vsn.git && \
+ cd ../..; \
+ done

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