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@@ -374,6 +374,71 @@ been observed when running multiple nodes on a single machine, and has
not been observed when running Riak on multiple servers or EC2
+*** Large Ring Sizes
+The new cluster protocol in 1.0 leads to a practical limit on the size
+of the ring in a Riak cluster. While there is no hard coded limit, large
+ring sizes lead to increasingly slower performance and potentially unstable
+clusters. This limitation will be addressed in a future major release of
+Riak. For the time being, it is recommended that users limit clusters to
+no more than 256, 512, 1024 partitions depending on the performance of the
+underlying hardware.
+*** Ownership Handoff Stall
+It has been observed that 1.0 clusters can end up in a state with ownership
+handoff failing to complete. This state should not happen under normal
+circumstances, but has been observed in cases where Riak nodes crashed due
+to unrelated issues (eg. running out of disk space/memory) during cluster
+membership changes. The behavior can be identified by looking at the output
+of =riak-admin ring_status= and looking for transfers that are waiting on an
+empty set. As an example:
+============================== Ownership Handoff ==============================
+Owner: riak@host1
+Next Owner: riak@host2
+Index: 123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123
+ Waiting on: []
+ Complete: [riak_kv_vnode,riak_pipe_vnode]
+To fix this issue, copy/paste the following code sequence into an Erlang
+shell for each =Owner= node in =riak-admin ring_status= for which
+this case has been identified. The Erlang shell can be accessed with =riak attach=
+fun() ->
+ Node = node(),
+ {_Claimant, _RingReady, _Down, _MarkedDown, Changes} =
+ riak_core_status:ring_status(),
+ Stuck =
+ [{Idx, Complete} || {{Owner, NextOwner}, Transfers} <- Changes,
+ {Idx, Waiting, Complete, Status} <- Transfers,
+ Owner =:= Node,
+ Waiting =:= [],
+ Status =:= awaiting],
+ RT = fun(Ring, _) ->
+ NewRing = lists:foldl(fun({Idx, Mods}, Ring1) ->
+ lists:foldl(fun(Mod, Ring2) ->
+ riak_core_ring:handoff_complete(Ring2, Idx, Mod)
+ end, Ring1, Mods)
+ end, Ring, Stuck),
+ {new_ring, NewRing}
+ end,
+ case Stuck of
+ [] ->
+ ok;
+ _ ->
+ riak_core_ring_manager:ring_trans(RT, []),
+ ok
+ end
** Bugs Fixed
-[[][bz0105 - Python client new_binary doesn't set the content_type well]]
-[[][bz0123 - default_bucket_props in app.config is not merged with the hardcoded defaults]]

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