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Initial release notes for 1.1

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Jared Morrow
Jared Morrow committed Feb 8, 2012
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+* Riak 1.1.0 Release Notes (INITIAL DRAFT)
+** Major Features and Improvements for Riak
+*** Riak Control
+-[[][Riak Control preview demo]]
+-[[][Riak Control repository with documentation on how to get started]]
+*** Riaknostic
+-[[][Blog post announcing riaknostic]]
+-[[][Riaknostic Homepage]]
+*** Bitcask Improvements
+*** Lager Improvements
+**** Bitstring printing support
+*** LevelDB Improvements
+**** Snappy Support Enabled
+**** Compaction Changes
+*** Riak KV Improvements
+**** Log post-commit errors
+**** Listkeys Backpressure
+** Other Additions
+*** Default =small_vclock= to be equal to =big_vclock=
+If you are using bidirectional cluster replication and you have
+overridden the defaults for either of these then you should consider
+setting both to the same value.
+The default value of =small_vclock= has been changed to be equal to
+=big_vclock= in order to delay or even prevent unnecessary sibling
+creation in a Riak deployment with bidirectional cluster replication.
+When you replicate a pruned vector clock the other cluster will think
+it isn't a descendent, even though it is, and create a sibling. By
+raising =small_vclock= to match =big_vclock= you reduce the frequency
+of pruning and thus siblings. Combined with vnode vclocks, sibling
+creation, for this particular reason, may be entirely avoided since
+the number of entries will almost always stay below the threshold in a
+well behaved cluster (i.e. one not under constant node membership
+change or network partitions).
+** Known Issues
+** Bugs Fixed
+-[[][bz775 - Start-up script does not recreate /var/run/riak]]
+-[[][bz1283 - erlang_js uses non-thread-safe driver function]]
+-[[][Lager#37 - Fix atom leak]]
+-[[][Poolboy - Lots of potential bugs fixed, see detailed post by Andrew Thompson]]

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