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Update release notes for 1.0.0rc1

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Jared Morrow
Jared Morrow committed Sep 21, 2011
1 parent 5ed6a19 commit 8daa295da2a8916cab93aacd0a6729a6bc35fbf8
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@@ -307,5 +307,9 @@ access to the =other_field=.
-[[][bz1177 - riak_kv_bitcask_backend.erl's use of symlinks breaks upgrade from 0.14.2]]
-[[][bz1178 - ring mgr and bucket fixups not playing well on startup]]
-[[][bz1186 - riak_kv_w_reduce batch size should default to 20]]
+-[[][bz1188 - Worker pools don't complete work on vnode shutdown]]
-[[][bz1191 - Pipe-based mapred reverses inputs to reduce]]
+-[[][bz1195 - Running "make rel" fails with riak-1.0.0pre3 source tarball]]
-[[][bz1200 - Bitcask backend merges repeatedly, and misplaces files]]
+-[[][bz1202 - Bucket listing fails when there are indexed objects]]
+-[[][bz1216 - Not possible to control search hook order with bucket fixups]]

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