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Update release notes for rc2

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commit 94200e99dd1399f553d0fc18228ef6e684cf205e 1 parent 6e0e9eb
@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow authored
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@@ -252,6 +252,7 @@ access to the =other_field=.
-[[][bz0426 - bin/riak-admin leave has poor console output]]
-[[][bz0441 - detect and report bad datafile entry]]
-[[][bz0461 - Guard against non-string values of content-type in riak-erlang-client]]
+-[[][bz0475 - k/v FSMs should fail if no nodes are available - currently they time out]]
-[[][bz0502 - Minor merge_index code cleanup]]
-[[][bz0564 - Planner's subprocesses run long after {timeout, range_loop} exception]]
-[[][bz0599 - Consider adding erlang:memory/0 information to stats output]]
@@ -310,6 +311,11 @@ access to the =other_field=.
-[[][bz1188 - Worker pools don't complete work on vnode shutdown]]
-[[][bz1191 - Pipe-based mapred reverses inputs to reduce]]
-[[][bz1195 - Running "make rel" fails with riak-1.0.0pre3 source tarball]]
+-[[][bz1197 - riak attach does not play well with scripting - stdin data may be lost]]
-[[][bz1200 - Bitcask backend merges repeatedly, and misplaces files]]
-[[][bz1202 - Bucket listing fails when there are indexed objects]]
+-[[][bz1214 - Handoff crash with async enabled+leveldb]]
+-[[][bz1215 - get FSM timeout causes new stats to crash]]
-[[][bz1216 - Not possible to control search hook order with bucket fixups]]
+-[[][bz1220 - riak-admin ringready only shows 1.0 nodes in a mixed cluster]]
+-[[][bz1224 - platform_data_dir (/data) is not being created before accessed for some packages]]
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