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Update release notes for 1.0.3

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+* Riak 1.0.3 Release Notes
+** Bugs Fixed
+-[[][bz1291 - Incorrect match of erlang:decode_packet return value in mochiweb]]
+-[[][bz1306 - get_fsm crashes when riak_object value is not a binary]]
+** Other Additions
+*** riak-admin top
+=riak-admin= can now run etop against the server. Etop provides
+information about what the erlang processes inside of Riak are doing.
+Etop reports process reductions (an indicator of CPU utilization),
+memory used and message queue sizes.
+Start with =riak-admin top= and exit with double-^C
+*** busy_port / busy_dist_port
+Riak will now log whenever distributed erlang is overloaded by logging
+=busy_dist_port= messages on the console and to the logs. If the
+message is being logged frequently, the buffer used for distributed
+erlang can be increased by adding +zdbbl KBytes in the =vm.args= file
+(in =/etc/riak= or =/opt/riak/etc= depending on platform).
+*** Bitcask Support for O_SYNC
+Bitcask has been reworked to perform I/O directly on the Erlang
+scheduler threads; this is the result of extensive load testing in a
+production environment. As a result of this change, it can now support
+=O_SYNC= on Linux.
+*** increase to default gossip limit
+*** new default claim algorithm
+*** Changes to Handoff Concurrency
+The default value for =handoff_concurrency= was set to 1 to err on the
+side of caution and not overload the cluster with handoff traffic.
+** Known Issues
* Riak 1.0.2 Release Notes
** Bugs Fixed
-[[][bz1227 - badstate crash in handoff]]

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