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Added vnode_vclocks,true to riak_kv section of app.config

New clusters will start with vnode-based vclocks, old
clusters will need to be upgraded manually.
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commit 445a6d81adef301ced6101903649a1442f8323a8 1 parent 3d982fb
@jonmeredith jonmeredith authored
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6 rel/files/app.config
@@ -125,6 +125,12 @@
%% retrieve information the Riak node for performance and debugging needs
{riak_kv_stat, true},
{legacy_stats, false},
+ %% Switch to vnode-based vclocks rather than client ids. This
+ %% significantly reduces the number of vclock entries.
+ %% Only set true if *all* nodes in the cluster are upgraded to 1.0
+ {vnode_vclocks, true},
%% This option enables compatability of bucket and key listing
%% with 0.14 and earlier versions. Once a rolling upgrade to
%% a version > 0.14 is completed for a cluster, this should be

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