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Change app.config to new sane URL decoding behavior.

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commit 8d261c5b500274aa9db398f8355f945b2c671527 1 parent e2b06a6
@jtuple jtuple authored
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8 rel/files/app.config
@@ -104,6 +104,14 @@
%% Javascript VMs.
%{js_source_dir, "/tmp/js_source"},
+ %% http_url_encoding determines how Riak treats URL encoded
+ %% buckets, keys, and links over the REST API. When set to 'on'
+ %% Riak always decodes encoded values sent as URLs and Headers.
+ %% Otherwise, Riak defaults to compatibility mode where links
+ %% are decoded, but buckets and keys are not. The compatibility
+ %% mode will be removed in a future release.
+ {http_url_encoding, on},
%% riak_stat enables the use of the "riak-admin status" command to
%% retrieve information the Riak node for performance and debugging needs
{riak_kv_stat, true}

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