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+Riak 0.8 Release Notes
+Riak 0.8 is the first release of Riak with full support for map/reduce
+processing exposed entirely via an HTTP/JavaScript interface. In summary:
+- exposed javascript as a first class map/reduce query language
+- map/reduce queries can be submitted via HTTP/JSON (default endpoint
+ is "/mapred")
+- numerous fixes and tweaks to map/reduce query performance and
+ timeout behavior
+Riak 0.8 also includes a number of minor improvements such as:
+- improved handoff/rebalancing performance.
+- added configuration parameter 'handoff_concurrency', which controls
+ how many vnodes per host can engage in handoff at once.
+- added client_lib/, a python client for the 'raw' riak http
+ interface (based on by Jay Baird).
+- statistics about node performance, VM state, and Riak cluster status
+ are now exposed over HTTP/JSON (default endpoint is "/stats")
+- general stability improvements such as improved supervision for vnodes
+ and map/reduce processes

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