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Release note update for 1.2.0

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@@ -147,6 +147,8 @@ Staging commands:
* The Protocol Buffers interface when returning `RpbErrorResp` responses to the client will set the `errcode` field to `0`, whereas before it was `1` or unset. Only client libraries that previously attempted to apply meaning to the `errcode` field will be affected. Improvement of the error responses from Protocol Buffers is planned for the next major release.
* Some spurious messages may be sent to the log after a Pipe-based MapReduce job sent via PBC has been shutdown. This does not affect normal operations. [basho/riak_kv#366](
* The SmartOS packages were tested against 1.5.x and 1.6.x datasets from Joyent. The newest datasets of SmartOS 1.7.x have not been tested and are not supported currently.
+* Secondary index queries against a heavily loaded cluster may hit an improperly-handled internal timeout and result in error responses. This affects both HTTP and Protocol Buffers interfaces and has existed since Riak 1.0. [basho/riak_kv#379](
+* MapReduce queries may print messages in the log of the form, `[error] Module <module name> must be purged before loading`, due to a race in the code that ensures a module is loaded before it is used. This message may be safely ignored. It can be silenced by attaching to the Riak console and evaluating `code:purge(<module name>).`.
## Bugs Fixed
@@ -186,6 +188,7 @@ Staging commands:
* [leveldb - Change LRUCache destructor so it does NOT look like a bad reference](
* [riak_control - Patch handoff status to work with status_v2](
* [riak_core - Ensure legacy nodes are probed when new capabilities registered](
+* [riak - `riak attach` fails on some versions of SmartOS](
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