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commit 98ce09ebde67af6580260fedc0a4c424092b2f1a 2 parents 18b0e82 + f5064c1
@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow authored
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  2. BIN  rebar
  3. +3 −3 rebar.config
@@ -1,7 +1,24 @@
* Riak 1.0.0 Release Notes
-NOTE: These release notes should be considered a work in progress
-until the final 1.0.0 release is made.
+** Rolling Upgrade From Riak Search 14.2 to Riak 1.0.0
+There are a couple of caveats for rolling upgrade from Riak Search
+14.2 to Riak 1.0.0.
+First, there are some extra steps that need to be taken when
+installing the new package. Instead of simply installing the new
+package you must uninstall the old one, move the data dir, and then
+install the new package.
+Second, while in a mixed cluster state some queries will return
+incorrect results. It's tough to say which queries will exhibit this
+behavior because it depends on which node the data is stored and what
+node is making the query. Essentially, if two nodes with different
+versions need to coordinate on a query it will produce incorrect
+results. Once all nodes have been upgrade to 1.0.0 all queries will
+return the correct results.
** Major Features and Improvements for Riak
*** 2i
@@ -281,6 +298,8 @@ access to the =other_field=.
- [[][Streamlined]] custom extractor bucket property.
+- Fixed bug in =lucene_parser= to handle all errors returned from
+ calls to =lucene_scan:string=.
** Bugs Fixed
-[[][bz0105 - Python client new_binary doesn't set the content_type well]]
@@ -361,3 +380,6 @@ access to the =other_field=.
-[[][bz1216 - Not possible to control search hook order with bucket fixups]]
-[[][bz1220 - riak-admin ringready only shows 1.0 nodes in a mixed cluster]]
-[[][bz1224 - platform_data_dir (/data) is not being created before accessed for some packages]]
+-[[][bz1226 - Riak creates identical vtags for the same bucket/key with different values]]
+-[[][bz1227 - badstate crash in handoff]]
BIN  rebar
Binary file not shown
6 rebar.config
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
{deps, [
{cluster_info, "1.2.0", {git, "git://", {tag, "1.2.0"}}},
- {luwak, "1.1.0", {git, "git://", {branch, "1.1"}}},
- {riak_kv, "1.0.0", {git, "git://", {branch, "1.0"}}},
+ {luwak, "1.1.0", {git, "git://", {tag, "1.1.0"}}},
+ {riak_kv, "1.0.0", {git, "git://", {tag, "1.0.0"}}},
{riak_search, "1.0.0", {git, "git://",
- {branch, "1.0"}}}
+ {tag, "1.0.0"}}}
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