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Unable to build Riak from source tarball while offline #345

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The riak source tarball provided as a download each release does not contain the entirety of the riak code base. The leveldb source code is not included.

This causes issues that have been reported many times by users and documented on our docs page under the section "Installation on Closed Networks".

This issue gives our users a bad experience and should be fixed.

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@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow Include leveldb source code in riak source distribution
When building riak's source tarball, `git archive` is used
to ensure clean repositories are used rather than working
directories that might have uncommited changes.  This works
fine except for one special case where eleveldb downloads
leveldb into its source tree.  In this case 'git archive'
then removes the leveldb source because it is not truly
a committed file in eleveldb's repository.

The side effect of this issue are users who try to build
riak from source while either offline or without access
to github while building.  Any build will fail because
eleveldb does not have leveldb's source tree that is needed.

This commit fixes that by using a work around to `git archive`
in the one special case of eleveldb.  The `.git` directories
are still cleaned, but the leveldb source tree is left intact.

The one downside to this change is eleveldb is not treated
differently than every other repository and local changes
to eleveldb's source tree can possibly leak into the source
tarball.  This however is very unlikely due to `make dist`
using a completely separate `make deps` chain than the standard
developer `make deps`.  Basically someone would have to really
try hard to mess it up.

This addresses basho/riak#345
@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow referenced this issue from a commit in basho/basho_docs
@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow Remove note about closed networks
The source tarball bug that required the closed networks
section has been fixed in basho/riak#345 so this section
is no longer needed in 1.4.0 and above.
@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow referenced this issue in basho/basho_docs

Remove note about closed networks #460

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