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Content-Type appears to be case sensitive in Riak or webmachine #430

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Using a Riak 1.4.0 cluster with LevelDB backend, a "415 Unsupported Media Type" error is sent by the webserver when storing an image with a content type of 'image/JPG', but not when storing the same image with a content type of 'image/jpg'.

The same happens when substituting 'text/PLAIN' for 'text/plain'.

RFC1341 states that the subtype in the mime type can be any character except for space, control characters, or special characters.

From section 4:
"The type, subtype, and parameter names are not case sensitive. For example, TEXT, Text, and TeXt are all equivalent."

I did search the issues on this and other basho projects but was unable to find it as having been reported, and am too unfamiliar with erlang to determine if the content_types_accepted callback function is working properly or not.

@jaredmorrow jaredmorrow added this to the 1.4.9 milestone
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