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Riak should manage backend lock files. #535

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There have been a couple of issues on bitcask and I think at least one on leveldb where stale lock files keep the system or particular vnodes from starting up. There've been repeated requests (basho/bitcask#99, basho/bitcask#163) to manage this at the backend level, but IMO, that's the wrong place to handle it, since there are various corner cases that the backend really shouldn't be responsible for detecting. I lay out some of my thinking here:
basho/bitcask#99 (comment)

The ideal thing in my mind is to have riak at the top/service level guarantee uniqueness, and then to extend the backend API to have a cleanup_locks call when riak/some other containing application has determined that it's totally safe to do so.

This was kind of a distant corner case before, but as containerization gets more common, we're seeing this more and more, and that trend looks only to increase, so best to deal with it soon.

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