Automated Network Partition Testing #564

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Automate the process of installing and configuration Riak 2.0 for testing under Jepsen. Ideally, the automation should deployment under Vagrant for laptop testing and to a dedicated server running a set of LXC containers for dedicated integration/functional test environments.

When completed, the following Riak 2.0 configurations should be tested:

  • KV without strong consistency or Yokozuna
  • KV with strong consistency
  • KV with Yokozuna
  • KV with strong consistency and Yokozuna

Finally, I want to explore ways to execute the test that Elastic Search failed against KV with Yokozuna.

/cc @jtuple @andrewjstone @coderoshi @engelsanchez @kellymclaughlin

@jburwell jburwell added this to the 2.0 milestone Jun 25, 2014
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Initial implementation will use the Jepsen old branch because the Riak driver has not been ported to the new branch. Once I have verified operation, I will port the driver to the 2.0 branch.

@jburwell jburwell added Enhancement test and removed Enhancement labels Jun 25, 2014

Definitely use the Jepsen new branch; it'll make your life waaaay easier as far as setting up the DB goes. There's a riak installer in there already IIRC.

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