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Add missing rm -rf dev/$@/lib/riaknostic on dev target #294

merged 1 commit into from about 1 year ago

3 participants

Pedram Nimreezi Andrew Thompson Jared Morrow
Pedram Nimreezi

Add a missing rm -rf on the copied riaknostic directory, which was preventing the dev targets such as stagedevrel from being rerun.

Andrew Thompson

This looks fine, but I'll defer to @jaredmorrow on merging it,

Jared Morrow

Looks good to me, thanks @DeadZen +1

Jared Morrow jaredmorrow merged commit 14c751b into from March 19, 2013
Jared Morrow jaredmorrow closed this March 19, 2013
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Mar 18, 2013
Pedram Nimreezi Add missing rm -rf dev/$@/lib/riaknostic on dev target 806dafa
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  1. 1  Makefile
1  Makefile
@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ dev% : all riaknostic
80 80
 	mkdir -p dev
81 81
 	rel/gen_dev $@ rel/vars/dev_vars.config.src rel/vars/$@_vars.config
82 82
 	(cd rel && ../rebar generate target_dir=../dev/$@ overlay_vars=vars/$@_vars.config)
+	rm -rf dev/$@/lib/riaknostic
83 84
 	mkdir -p dev/$@/lib/riaknostic
84 85
 	cp -f deps/riaknostic/riaknostic dev/$@/lib/riaknostic/
85 86

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