Riak Client APIs
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riak_api - Riak Client APIs

This OTP application encapsulates services for presenting Riak's public-facing interfaces. Currently this means a generic interface for exposing Protocol Buffers-based services; HTTP services via Webmachine will be moved here at a later time.

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We encourage contributions to riak_api from the community.

  1. Fork the riak_api repository on Github.
  2. Clone your fork or add the remote if you already have a clone of the repository.

    git clone git@github.com:yourusername/riak_api.git
    # or
    git remote add mine git@github.com:yourusername/riak_api.git
  3. Create a topic branch for your change.

    git checkout -b some-topic-branch
  4. Make your change and commit. Use a clear and descriptive commit message, spanning multiple lines if detailed explanation is needed.

  5. Push to your fork of the repository and then send a pull-request through Github.

    git push mine some-topic-branch
  6. A Basho engineer or community maintainer will review your patch and merge it into the main repository or send you feedback.