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%% -------------------------------------------------------------------
%% Copyright (c) 2007-2012 Basho Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
%% This file is provided to you under the Apache License,
%% Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
%% except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
%% a copy of the License at
%% Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
%% software distributed under the License is distributed on an
%% KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
%% specific language governing permissions and limitations
%% under the License.
%% -------------------------------------------------------------------
%% @doc fetches stats for registered modules and stores them
%% in an ets backed cache.
%% Only ever allows one process at a time to calculate stats.
%% Will always serve the stats that are in the cache.
%% Adds a stat `{stat_mod_ts, timestamp()}' to the stats returned
%% from `get_stats/1' which is the time those stats were calculated.
%% API
-export([start_link/0, get_stats/1, register_app/2, register_app/3,
clear_cache/1, stop/0]).
%% gen_server callbacks
-export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2,
terminate/2, code_change/3]).
-type registered_app() :: {MFA::{module(), atom(), [term()]}, RerfreshRateMillis::non_neg_integer()}.
-define(SERVER, ?MODULE).
%% @doc Cache item refresh rate in seconds
-define(REFRESH_RATE, 1).
-define(REFRSH_MILLIS(N), timer:seconds(N)).
-define(MAX_REFRESH, timer:seconds(60)).
-define(ENOTREG(App), {error, {not_registered, App}}).
-define(DEFAULT_REG(Mod, RefreshRateMillis), {{Mod, produce_stats, []}, RefreshRateMillis}).
-record(state, {tab, active=orddict:new(), apps=orddict:new()}).
%%% API
start_link() ->
gen_server:start_link({local, ?SERVER}, ?MODULE, [], []).
register_app(App, {M, F, A}) ->
RefreshRate = app_helper:get_env(riak_core, stat_cache_ttl, ?REFRESH_RATE),
register_app(App, {M, F, A}, RefreshRate).
register_app(App, {M, F, A}, RefreshRateSecs) ->
gen_server:call(?SERVER, {register, App, {{M, F, A}, ?REFRSH_MILLIS(RefreshRateSecs)}}, infinity).
get_stats(App) ->
gen_server:call(?SERVER, {get_stats, App}, infinity).
clear_cache(App) ->
gen_server:call(?SERVER, {clear, App}, infinity).
stop() ->
gen_server:cast(?SERVER, stop).
%%% gen server
init([]) ->
process_flag(trap_exit, true),
Tab = ets:new(?MODULE, [protected, set, named_table]),
RefreshRateSecs = app_helper:get_env(riak_core, stat_cache_ttl, ?REFRESH_RATE),
RefreshRateMillis = ?REFRSH_MILLIS(RefreshRateSecs),
%% re-register mods, if this is a restart after a crash
RegisteredMods = lists:foldl(fun({App, Mod}, Registered) ->
register_mod(App, ?DEFAULT_REG(Mod, RefreshRateMillis), Registered) end,
{ok, #state{tab=Tab, apps=orddict:from_list(RegisteredMods)}}.
handle_call({register, App, {MFA, RefreshRateMillis}}, _From, State0=#state{apps=Apps0}) ->
Apps = case registered(App, Apps0) of
false ->
register_mod(App,{MFA, RefreshRateMillis}, Apps0);
{true, _} ->
{reply, ok, State0#state{apps=Apps}};
handle_call({get_stats, App}, From, State0=#state{apps=Apps, active=Active0, tab=Tab}) ->
Reply = case registered(App, Apps) of
false ->
{reply, ?ENOTREG(App), State0};
{true, {MFA, _RefreshRateMillis}} ->
case cache_get(App, Tab) of
miss ->
Active = maybe_get_stats(App, From, Active0, MFA),
{noreply, State0#state{active=Active}};
{hit, Stats, TS} ->
FreshnessStat = make_freshness_stat(App, TS),
{reply, {ok, [FreshnessStat | Stats], TS}, State0}
handle_call({clear, App}, _From, State=#state{apps=Apps, tab=Tab}) ->
case registered(App, Apps) of
{true, _} ->
true = ets:delete(Tab, App);
_ -> ok
{reply, ok, State};
handle_call(_Request, _From, State) ->
Reply = ok,
{reply, Reply, State}.
%% @doc call back from process executig the stat calculation
handle_cast({stats, App, Stats0, TS}, State0=#state{tab=Tab, active=Active, apps=Apps}) ->
%% @TODO standardise stat mods return type with a behaviour
Stats = case Stats0 of
{App, Stats1} -> Stats1;
Stats1 -> Stats1
ets:insert(Tab, {App, TS, Stats}),
State = case orddict:find(App, Active) of
{ok, {_Pid, Awaiting}} ->
_ = [gen_server:reply(From, {ok, [make_freshness_stat(App, TS) |Stats], TS}) || From <- Awaiting, From /= ?SERVER],
State0#state{active=orddict:erase(App, Active)};
error ->
{ok, {MFA, RefreshRateMillis}} = orddict:find(App, Apps),
schedule_get_stats(RefreshRateMillis, App, MFA),
Apps2 = clear_fail_count(App, Apps),
{noreply, State#state{apps=Apps2}};
handle_cast(stop, State) ->
{stop, normal, State};
handle_cast(_Msg, State) ->
{noreply, State}.
%% don't let a crashing stat mod crash the cache
handle_info({'EXIT', FromPid, Reason}, State0=#state{active=Active, apps=Apps}) when Reason /= normal ->
Reply = case awaiting_for_pid(FromPid, Active) of
not_found ->
{stop, Reason, State0};
{ok, {App, Awaiting}} ->
_ = [gen_server:reply(From, {error, Reason}) || From <- Awaiting, From /= ?SERVER],
{ok, {MFA, RefreshRateMillis}} = orddict:find(App, Apps),
Apps2 = update_fail_count(App, Apps),
FailCnt = get_fail_count(App, Apps2),
schedule_get_stats(RefreshRateMillis, App, MFA, FailCnt),
{noreply, State0#state{active=orddict:erase(App, Active), apps=Apps2}}
%% @doc callback on timer timeout to keep cache fresh
handle_info({get_stats, {App, MFA}}, State) ->
Active = maybe_get_stats(App, ?SERVER,, MFA),
{noreply, State#state{active=Active}};
handle_info(_Info, State) ->
{noreply, State}.
terminate(_Reason, _State) ->
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
{ok, State}.
%% internal
get_fail_count(App, Apps) ->
case orddict:find([App, fail], Apps) of
{ok, Cnt} ->
error ->
clear_fail_count(App, Apps) ->
orddict:erase([App, fail], Apps).
update_fail_count(App, Apps) ->
orddict:update_counter([App, fail], 1, Apps).
schedule_get_stats(After, App, MFA) ->
Pid = self(),
erlang:send_after(After, Pid, {get_stats, {App, MFA}}).
schedule_get_stats(After, Apps, MFA, 0) ->
schedule_get_stats(After, Apps, MFA);
schedule_get_stats(After, Apps, MFA, FailCnt) ->
Millis = back_off(After, FailCnt),
schedule_get_stats(Millis, Apps, MFA).
back_off(After, FailCnt) ->
min(After * (1 bsl FailCnt), ?MAX_REFRESH).
make_freshness_stat(App, TS) ->
{make_freshness_stat_name(App), TS}.
make_freshness_stat_name(App) ->
list_to_atom(atom_to_list(App) ++ "_stat_ts").
-spec register_mod(atom(), registered_app(), orddict:orddict()) -> orddict:orddict().
register_mod(App, AppRegistration, Apps0) ->
{{Mod, _, _}=MFA, RefreshRateMillis} = AppRegistration,
ok = folsom_metrics:new_histogram({?MODULE, Mod}),
ok = folsom_metrics:new_meter({?MODULE, App}),
Apps = orddict:store(App, AppRegistration, Apps0),
schedule_get_stats(RefreshRateMillis, App, MFA),
registered(App, Apps) ->
registered(orddict:find(App, Apps)).
registered(error) ->
registered({ok, Val}) ->
{true, Val}.
cache_get(App, Tab) ->
Res = case ets:lookup(Tab, App) of
[] ->
[{App, TStamp, Stats}] ->
{hit, Stats, TStamp}
maybe_get_stats(App, From, Active, MFA) ->
%% if a get stats is not under way start one
Awaiting = case orddict:find(App, Active) of
error ->
Pid = do_get_stats(App, MFA),
{Pid, [From]};
{ok, {Pid, Froms}} ->
{Pid, [From|Froms]}
orddict:store(App, Awaiting, Active).
do_get_stats(App, {M, F, A}) ->
spawn_link(fun() ->
Stats = folsom_metrics:histogram_timed_update({?MODULE, M}, M, F, A),
ok = folsom_metrics:notify_existing_metric({?MODULE, App}, 1, meter),
gen_server:cast(?MODULE, {stats, App, Stats, folsom_utils:now_epoch()})
awaiting_for_pid(Pid, Active) ->
case [{App, Awaiting} || {App, {Proc, Awaiting}} <- orddict:to_list(Active),
Proc == Pid] of
[] ->
L -> {ok, hd(L)}
-define(MOCKS, [folsom_utils, riak_core_stat, riak_kv_stat]).
-define(STATS, [{stat1, 0}, {stat2, 1}, {stat3, 2}]).
cached(App, Time) ->
[make_freshness_stat(App, Time) | ?STATS].
cache_test_() ->
fun() ->
[meck:new(Mock, [non_strict, passthrough]) || Mock <- ?MOCKS],
fun(_) ->
[meck:unload(Mock) || Mock <- ?MOCKS],
[{"Register with the cache",
fun register/0},
{"Get cached value",
fun get_cached/0},
{"Expired cache, re-calculate",
fun get_expired/0},
{"Only a single process can calculate stats",
fun serialize_calls/0},
{"Crash test",
fun crasher/0}
register() ->
[meck:expect(M, produce_stats, fun() -> ?STATS end)
|| M <- [riak_core_stat, riak_kv_stat]],
Now = tick(1000, 0),
riak_core_stat_cache:register_app(riak_core, {riak_core_stat, produce_stats, []}, 5),
riak_core_stat_cache:register_app(riak_kv, {riak_kv_stat, produce_stats, []}, 5),
NonSuch = riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(nonsuch),
?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_core, Now), Now}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_core)),
?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_kv, Now), Now}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_kv)),
?assertEqual(?ENOTREG(nonsuch), NonSuch),
%% and check the cache has the correct values
[?assertEqual([{App, Now, ?STATS}], ets:lookup(riak_core_stat_cache, App))
|| App <- [riak_core, riak_kv]],
%% and that a meter and histogram has been registered for all registered modules
[?assertEqual([{{?MODULE, M}, [{type, histogram}]}], folsom_metrics:get_metric_info({?MODULE, M}))
|| M <- [riak_core_stat, riak_kv_stat]],
[?assertEqual([{{?MODULE, App}, [{type, meter}]}], folsom_metrics:get_metric_info({?MODULE, App}))
|| App <- [riak_core, riak_kv]].
get_cached() ->
Now = tick(1000, 0),
[?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_core, Now), Now}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_core))
|| _ <- lists:seq(1, 20)],
?assertEqual(1, meck:num_calls(riak_core_stat, produce_stats, [])).
get_expired() ->
CalcTime = 1000,
_Expired = tick(CalcTime, ?REFRESH_RATE+?REFRESH_RATE),
[?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_core, CalcTime), CalcTime}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_core))
|| _ <- lists:seq(1, 20)],
%% Stale stats should no longer trigger a stat calculation
?assertEqual(1, meck:num_calls(riak_core_stat, produce_stats, [])).
serialize_calls() ->
%% many processes can call get stats at once
%% they should not block the server
%% but only one call to calculate stats should result
%% the calling processes should block until they get a response
%% call get_stats for kv from many processes at the same time
%% check that they are blocked
%% call get stats for core to show the server is not blocked
%% return from the kv call and show a) all have same result
%% b) only one call to produce_stats
%% But ONLY in the case that the cache is empty. At any other time,
%% that cached answer should be returned.
Procs = 20,
Then = 1000,
Now = tick(2000, 0),
meck:expect(riak_kv_stat, produce_stats, fun() -> register(blocked, self()), receive release -> ?STATS end end),
Coordinator = self(),
Collector = spawn_link(fun() -> collect_results(Coordinator, [], Procs) end),
Pids = [spawn_link(fun() -> Stats = riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_kv), Collector ! {res, Stats} end) || _ <- lists:seq(1, Procs)],
?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_core, Then), Then}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_core)),
[?assertEqual({status, waiting}, process_info(Pid, status)) || Pid <- Pids],
timer:sleep(100), %% time for register
blocked ! release,
Results = receive
R -> R
1000 ->
[?assertEqual(undefined, process_info(Pid)) || Pid <- Pids],
?assertEqual(Procs, length(Results)),
[?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_kv, Now), Now}, Res) || Res <- Results],
?assertEqual(2, meck:num_calls(riak_kv_stat, produce_stats, [])).
crasher() ->
Pid = whereis(riak_core_stat_cache),
Then = tick(1000, 0),
%% Now = tick(10000, 0),
meck:expect(riak_core_stat, produce_stats, fun() ->
?STATS end),
meck:expect(riak_kv_stat, produce_stats, fun() -> erlang:error(boom) end),
?assertMatch({error, {boom, _Stack}}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_kv)),
?assertEqual(Pid, whereis(riak_core_stat_cache)),
?assertEqual({ok, cached(riak_core, Then), Then}, riak_core_stat_cache:get_stats(riak_core)).
tick(Moment, IncrBy) ->
meck:expect(folsom_utils, now_epoch, fun() -> Moment + IncrBy end),
collect_results(Pid, Results, 0) ->
Pid ! Results;
collect_results(Pid, Results, Procs) ->
{res, Stats} ->
collect_results(Pid, [Stats|Results], Procs-1)