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Only handle function undefined errors when calling handle_exit.

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commit c5a715aaecc010bcaf7bfa04f0bcfddcfa00f115 1 parent b33be1d
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin authored
Showing with 20 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +20 −4 src/riak_core_vnode.erl
24 src/riak_core_vnode.erl
@@ -47,11 +47,27 @@ behaviour_info(callbacks) ->
- {delete,1},
- {handle_exit,3}];
+ {delete,1}];
behaviour_info(_Other) ->
+%% handle_exit/4 is an optional behaviour callback that can be implemented.
+%% It will be called in the case that a process that is linked to the vnode
+%% process dies and allows the module using the behaviour to take appropriate
+%% action. It is called by handle_info when it receives an {'EXIT', Pid, Reason}
+%% message and the function signature is: handle_exit(Pid, Reason, StateName, State).
+%% It should return a tuple indicating the next state for the fsm. For a list of
+%% valid return types see the documentation for the gen_fsm handle_info callback.
+%% Here is what the spec for handle_exit/4 would look like:
+%% -spec handle_exit(pid(), atom(), atom(), term()) ->
+%% {next_state, atom(), term()} |
+%% {next_state, atom(), term(), int() | infinity} |
+%% {next_state, atom(), term(), hibernate} |
+%% {stop, term(), term()}
-define(DEFAULT_TIMEOUT, 60000).
-define(LOCK_RETRY_TIMEOUT, 10000).
-define(MODSTATE, State#state{mod=Mod,modstate=ModState}).
@@ -189,9 +205,9 @@ handle_info({'EXIT', Pid, Reason}, StateName, State=#state{mod=Mod}) ->
%% If the function is not implemented default
%% to crashing the process.
- Mod:handle_exit({Pid, Reason}, StateName, State)
+ Mod:handle_exit(Pid, Reason, StateName, State)
- _ErrorType:_ ->
+ _ErrorType:undef ->
{stop, linked_process_crash, State}
handle_info(_Info, StateName, State) ->
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