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Commits on Sep 28, 2011
  1. @jtuple
Commits on Sep 27, 2011
  1. @jonmeredith
  2. @jonmeredith
  3. @jonmeredith
  4. @jonmeredith
  5. @jonmeredith

    Perform final sync once all handoff data has been sent.

    jonmeredith authored
    The new cluster membership code switched to forwarding
    once handoff is complete.  Without this change the vnode
    starts forwarding while the new owner is still processing
    buffered TCP data.
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
  1. @jtuple

    Fix bug with nodes leaving the cluster earlier than intended.

    jtuple authored
    Change ring_ready to wait on exiting nodes in addition to valid and leaving
    nodes. This ensure the ring converges on a node's intent to leave before the
    node leaves the cluster.
    Change claimant from moving itself from exiting to invalid. Instead, after
    the claimant moves to exiting, a new claimant will emerge that will move the
    previous claimant to invalid and initiate shutdown.
Commits on Sep 23, 2011
  1. @jonmeredith

    Fixed update_forwarding_mode return in deleted case.

    jonmeredith authored
    The caller wraps the state with the next state information.
  2. @jaredmorrow
  3. @jonmeredith
  4. @jonmeredith
  5. @jonmeredith

    Made Mod:delete happen before unregister.

    jonmeredith authored
    Prevent a race with the master starting a new vnode.
    Changed coverage to run while in handoff - otherwise
    listkeys et al will bomb during partition transfer.
  6. @jonmeredith

    Added infinity timeout on finish_handoff call.

    jonmeredith authored
    On a very busy 6-node stagedevrel cluster was hitting.
    11:35:18.950 [error] gen_fsm <0.171.0> in state active terminated with reason: {timeout,{gen_server,call,[riak_core_gossip,{finish_handoff,45671926166590716193865151022383844364247891968,'dev1@','dev3@',riak_pipe_vnode}]}}
    The process is local and the call is monitored in case gossip dies.
  7. @jonmeredith

    Changed vnode to unregister from master before cleaning up.

    jonmeredith authored
    Fullsync repl was hanging because it delivered a fold message
    while finish_handoff was being called.  The message was never
    processed as the vnode immediately shut down rather than
    forwarding the messages in the queue.
    On completion of handoff, async unregister from the vnode master. The
    unregister call now passes the pid of the vnode unregistering
    and now the master sends an unregistered event once the vnode
    is removed from the master ETS table.
    While waiting for the acknowledgment of unregister the vnode goes
    into forwarding mode.
  8. @jtuple
  9. @jtuple
Commits on Sep 21, 2011
  1. @jtuple
  2. @jtuple

    Update new partition claim algorithm after review + bug fixes

    jtuple authored
    Change claim_simulation.erl eunit test to run a simulation with both the
    new and old claim algorithm as suggested.
    Rename riak_core_new_claim:new_claim/2 to new_choose_claim/2 to match
    Fix two bugs in riak_core_new_claim.erl that are on code paths that cannot
    occur in 1.0 due to existing invariants, but should be fixed nevertheless:
    - Match error in prefilter_violations: change CNth to {CNth, _}.
    - Handle case where new_choose_claim fails to claim partitions by falling
      back to claim_rebalance_n.
Commits on Sep 20, 2011
  1. @jtuple

    Add new partition claim function and claim simulator

    jtuple authored
    Add riak_core_new_claim:new_wants_claim/2 and new_claim/2.
    Merge in claim simulation code provided by Greg Nelson (
    Add pretty_print function to riak_core_ring.
    The new claim function is designed to reduce the number of partition transfers
    that occur when rebalancing the ring, aiming as close to possible for minimal
    consistent hashing.
  2. @jaredmorrow
  3. @Vagabond

    Fix a variable conflict

    Vagabond authored
  4. @Vagabond
  5. @Vagabond
  6. @Vagabond

    Fix bug with worker checkin tracking

    Vagabond authored
  7. @Vagabond
  8. @Vagabond

    Initial attempt at clean vnode shutdown that waits for queued work

    Vagabond authored
    This patch adds a patched supervisor module that supports graceful
    shutdown from a simple_one_for_one, so when a node stops gracefully, we
    can block shutdown long enough to process any queued work and do any
    other cleanups.
  9. @jonmeredith @Vagabond
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
  1. @rustyio

    Merge pull request #86 from basho/AZ721-louder-2i-errors

    rustyio authored
    AZ721 - Fail Loudly on 2i Errors
  2. @kellymclaughlin
  3. @kellymclaughlin

    Fix subtle bug in riak_core_coverage_fsm.

    kellymclaughlin authored
    Fixes: az726
    This change fixes a bug in riak_core_coverage_fsm where the updated
    state is not passed to the module implementing the behavior in the
    finish call. This can lead to incomplete results for operations that
    accumulate results in the state and do something with them in the
    finish function.
Commits on Sep 15, 2011
  1. @kellymclaughlin
  2. @kellymclaughlin
  3. @rustyio
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
  1. @slfritchie
  2. @slfritchie
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