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Commits on Jul 07, 2011
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Generalize the coverage behavior used to list keys and move much
of the coverage work into riak_core.

Fixes: az496

Add riak_core_coverage_filter, riak_core_coverage_fsm, and
riak_core_coverage_plan modules and add plumbing to
riak_core_vnode_master and riak_core_vnode to support
the coverage changes.
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Fix code to pass filter function to vnodes. 7593a61
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin More work on generalization of the coverage code. a6ea475
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Allow coverage fsm to be used with or without a bucket parameter. 7c1e8fb
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Rearrange how coverage requests are distributed to vnodes to minimize…
… inter-node communications.
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Have to check all vnodes on bucket listing because of variable n_vals. 07da951
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Fix some problems found while updating the key listing quickcheck test. 128c244
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Reorganize the coverage planning code. f4ebc82
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Update arity for test_link functions in riak_core_coverage_fsm. 162c4f0
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Housecleaning for the chash module. 9be33a9
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Add responsible_index/2 function to riak_core_ring as a way to get th…
…e ring index responsible for a {Bucket, Key} pair.
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Update spec for chash:next_index and fix wraparound bug. 1ddce80
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Housecleaning for riak_core_ring module. 6468dad
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Add quickcheck test for chash module. Currently on a property to test…
… the new next_index function.
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Update riak_core_coverage_filter to use riak_core_ring:responsible_in…
…dex/2 instead of having to calculate the entire preflist.
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Change coverage planning code to support covering multiple preflist v…
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Update some docs and specs and resolve some documentation TODOs 0eb74df
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Improve module edoc formatting for riak_core_coverage_fsm. e491d77
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Remove requirement for handle_coverage callback in riak_core_vnode. fde975e
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Change fail_on_warning to warnings_as_errors in rebar.config. 453d783
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Fix typo in header documentation. ff94f0f
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Fix typo in header docs of riak_core_coverage_filter. be627f7
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Wrap some long lines to column 80. 4164cf4
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin More wrapping of long lines. bc3da08
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Create ring_increment function in chash module to supplant use of ?RI…
…NGTOP div NumPartitions.
Commits on Jul 08, 2011
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Update riak_core_ring:responsible_index to remove bucket and key awar…
Commits on Jul 12, 2011
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Changes to remove bucket awareness from core coverage code and simplify
the processing of coverage requests.
Commits on Jul 15, 2011
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Use sender tuple expected by riak_core_vnode:reply. 6bf1da3
Commits on Jul 18, 2011
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Do not use variable names in spec for riak_core_coverage_plan:create_…
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Change riak_core_coverage_fsm so that results are opaque structures a…
…nd the only requirement from the vnode is a {done, VNode} tuple when all results have been sent.
@kellymclaughlin kellymclaughlin Eliminate requirement for {done, VNode} tuple for coverage results fi…