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Don't read ring files from the future #162

Vagabond opened this Issue · 6 comments

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If a ringfile is written with a sufficiently skewed timestamp, subsequent ring updates will be ignored on node restart until the ring file timestamp is no longer is in the future. This can cause very surprising behaviour,

A simple way to replicate is simply to change the 'year' part of the ringfile's timestamp to a year in the future, change some ring configs, and restart the node.

Better behaviour would at least be to warn about a ring file from the future, or refuse to load it at all.


marked as bug and that there are intentions to fix in near future.


@Vagabond @jrwest Time for some belated repo curating ... is there any plan to fix this for Riak 2.0? ... It seems to me that @rzezeski's reference to this issue number was a typo? Because I don't see anything in that commit that deals with ring files.


I've no intent to fix it in 2.0.


@slfritchie This is from GitHub automatically linking because of the #162 in the commit message. I have no involvement in this ticket. Well...I guess that isn't true anymore :)


@slfritchie no intent for 2.0 that I know of. its marked "Next Release + 1" right now.


moved to 2.1 milestone

@jrwest jrwest modified the milestone: 2.1, Next Release + 1
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