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rzezeski commented Jun 27, 2012

In reference to Mark Smith's comments on this blog post.

The transfer status information should be exposed via HTTP so that external tools may easily obtain the data in it's raw form. Currently a user would either have to write some Erlang or parse human-friendly output on the command line. Neither option is very accessible to most users.

Implementation Note: I imagine just pulling back the raw status proplist and exposing that as JSON would do the trick.


evanmcc commented Aug 9, 2013

I imagine we can close this as the clients team wants to move away from HTTP, although if we still think that it's useful, we can just repoint at PBC.

Personally I am dubious as to its utility (but the link has bitrotted, so I can't read the comment's reasoning), in terms of just exposing transfers. I can see the use of some cut-down ring status though, e.g.
That said, experience suggests that few users have their clusters automated enough to take advantage of this.


rzezeski commented Aug 9, 2013

I agree that this should be closed. We are moving towards a single protocol that is not HTTP. We should provide the information there if people start asking for it.

rzezeski closed this Aug 9, 2013

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