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implement allow_mult capability #426

jrwest opened this Issue Oct 14, 2013 · 1 comment

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jrwest commented Oct 14, 2013

As of 3de2ca2 default bucket properties now have allow_mult set to true when using a Riak cluster with riak.conf. This presents the following problems:

  1. This is fine when a user upgrades and preserves their app.config;The original default of lww will remain. However, some users have tools that nuke the original app.config on upgrade. Although not a great practice, it would be pretty bad to flip this default on them and have applications begin to break.
  2. If a user joins a 2.0 node using riak.conf, w.o modification of the default, to a cluster that still uses the old default, we also have problems.

This is a common global config issue w/ Riak but handling this specific case for 2.0 is important. @jtuple propses we create a capability whose value takes the app.config and prefers false (so allow_mult can only be true if all nodes have it set in their app.config or are using riak.conf w/ the default set). For 2.0 this is a simple, safe soln. In future releases I wonder if we won't want to change it to prefer true since it means accidentally configuring one node to be false will set that across the cluster.

jrwest commented Mar 24, 2014

closing because we went with basho/riak_kv#825

@jrwest jrwest closed this Mar 24, 2014
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