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Previously to this, you could add users and sources, but they were effectively immutable because I had not implemented API for changing them. alter-source does not exist because add-source will effectively do what you want. We could add a synonym at the riak-admin level if we want to.

Also, fixes a bug in print-users I found before RICON that didn't make it into the tech preview.

@slfritchie slfritchie commented on an outdated diff Dec 12, 2013
@@ -500,10 +594,15 @@ accumulate_grants([], Seen, Acc) ->
{Acc, Seen};
accumulate_grants([Role|Roles], Seen, Acc) ->
Options = riak_core_metadata:get({<<"security">>, <<"roles">>}, Role),
- NestedRoles = [R || R <- lookup("roles", Options), not lists:member(R, Seen)],
+ NestedRoles = [R || R <- lookup("roles", Options),
+ not lists:member(R,Seen),
+ user_exists(R)],
+ io:format("Nested roles ~p~n", [NestedRoles]),
slfritchie Dec 12, 2013

Debugging leftover?


I've given this a quick read. It appears sane. Didn't run it. +1 for what that's worth, sorry, I've other PRs to drive-by now on this iteration.........

@evanmcc evanmcc commented on an outdated diff Dec 21, 2013
@@ -831,6 +832,23 @@ add_user([Username|Options]) ->
+alter_user([Username|Options]) ->
+ case riak_core_security:alter_user(list_to_binary(Username),
+ parse_options(Options)) of
@evanmcc evanmcc commented on an outdated diff Dec 21, 2013
+ Username),
+ %% delete any associated grants, so if a user with the same name
+ %% is added again, they don't pick up these grants
+ riak_core_metadata:fold(fun({Key, _Value}, Acc) ->
+ %% apparently destructive
+ %% iteration is allowed
+ riak_core_metadata:delete({<<"security">>,
+ <<"grants">>},
+ Key),
+ Acc
+ end, undefined,
+ {<<"security">> ,<<"grants">>},
+ [{match, {Username, '_'}}]),
+ %% delete the user out of any other user's 'roles' option
+ %% this is kind of a pain, as we have to iterate ALL roles
+ riak_core_metadata:fold(fun({_, [?TOMBSTONE]}, Acc) ->
evanmcc Dec 21, 2013

might be nice to factor this deeply-nested case out into a few functions.


the whole system would more discoverable, I guess, if there were also a print-roles command.


this PR fails to updated the help text for riak-admin secuity


nevermind, found the accompanying riak PR


exceptions, like invalid_option, thrown when processing console commands, aren't caught, so you get no notification (other than a 1 shell return code) that you're having a problem or doing something wrong. e.g.:

12:07:27 <<0.1113.1>> {riak_core_console,parse_options,

12:07:27 <<0.1113.1>> {riak_core_console,parse_options,2} -> {throw,

It looks like user-specific sources should be found and deleted when the user is deleted

evan@chain:~/src/vagabond/dev/dev1$ ./bin/riak-admin security del-user user 
evan@chain:~/src/vagabond/dev/dev1$ riak-admin security add-source all trust
evan@chain:~/src/vagabond/dev/dev1$ ./bin/riak-admin security print-sources
|       users        |    cidr    |  source  | options  |
|        user        || password |    []    |
|        all         |  |  trust   |    []    |

Additionally, setting an all source again seems to break printing: Looks like all is becoming an atom when it's updated from the command line, and only the list case is handled.

Kind of a complicated setup, not sure how reproducible it'll be:

  1. build a cluster with these changes
  2. run the http_security riak-test
  3. after it fails: ./bin/riak-admin security del-user user
  4. ./bin/riak-admin security add-source all trust
  5. ./bin/riak-admin security add-source user trust <-- suspect this isn't actually needed
  6. ./bin/riak-admin security print-sources

I see this:

evan@chain:~/src/vagabond/dev/dev1$ ./bin/riak-admin security print-sources
RPC to 'dev1@' failed: {'EXIT',

Lastly, I am likely doing something wrong, but changing the all role to trust doesn't seem to allow unauthenticated users to access the cluster after it has been changed.


With those things said, deletion and altering of users seem to work as advertised, sources are now deletable and re-addable, so I think that this is almost ready to go.


What would print-roles do that print-user(s) does not?


I've addressed all the concerns raised, except there is a bug with the interaction of a source for 'all' and a source for particular users. If they overlap you'll get the error you mentioned above.

As discussed with Evan, as this bug was not added by this PR, we will fike a seperate issue and resolve it independantly.


+1, changes look good.

@Vagabond Vagabond merged commit 76d2260 into develop Dec 24, 2013

@Vagabond sorry for dropping this comment on a commit, faster than finding the original PR:

Just a style note for the future. Instead of exposing the Cluster Metadata tombstone atom in other subsystems, fold can take a default option which can be used to "replace" the tombstone w/ a subsystem friendly value. I ran into this because of #494 which is improperly handling the tombstone. Also, considering this might occur in multiple places would it be useful to have a skip_tombstones option? Given the changes I think would be necessary this would probably have to wait until the next release cycle, however.

@jrwest jrwest modified the milestone: 2.0-beta, 2.0 Mar 24, 2014
@seancribbs seancribbs deleted the adt-security-admin branch Apr 1, 2015
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