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This was extracted from #528.

@jrwest jrwest added this to the 2.0.1 milestone Mar 24, 2014
jrwest commented Mar 24, 2014

moved to 2.0.1 since we ran into complications and decided to punt for 2.0

@jonmeredith jonmeredith modified the milestone: 2.1, 2.0.1 May 12, 2014

Seems too major for a point - do early in 2.1 cycle.

jrwest commented May 12, 2014

IMO this is great debt to remove in a point. Doesn't change the API and most of the work had already been done. We just didn't have time to chase down a bug for the 2.0 release.

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On May 12, 2014, at 9:55 AM, Jon Meredith wrote:

Seems too major for a point - do early in 2.1 cycle.

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I would also agree to removing in point. This code has been dead for a while now. Down with the tech debt!


What's the rationale for doing in a point? I'd like to minimize the amount of work/diffs done on points and be focussed going forwards. It seems like additional work to apply it to the 2.0 branch, and then reapply it to develop, given the code doesn't overly hurt anything, and we're not planning on refactoring anything on the point branch unless we have to.


Realizing this is a refactor, I agree with @jonmeredith and think it should be 2.0.0 or 2.1.0. I'm happy to rebase and fix it for 2.0.0 if needed.

hmmr commented May 17, 2015

Rebased onto current develop, filed separately as #737 (RIAK-1799).

@hmmr hmmr added a commit that referenced this pull request May 26, 2015
@hmmr hmmr This is 1205ea4 ("Remove legacy gossip.") rebased onto develop
The riak_core_gossip:legacy_gossip/0 and related functions have been
stubbed to false in commit d0ea731 ("Permanently disable
legacy gossip"), by Joseph Blomstedt way back in 2013-05-20.  It was
merged in at some point before tag 1.4.0.

Sean Cribbs' commit (the one currently being rebased) dates from
2014-04-01.  It exists in branch bugfix/sdc/remove-legacy-gossip, and
has not been merged.  There is a PR for that, #541.

In this commit, Sean removes the code paths that would have been not
dead if legacy_gossip ever returned 'true', as well as the checks
hmmr commented May 27, 2015

I believe this PR (and the branch) can be deleted, too?


Yeah, I believe so. Let's just close for now and wait to delete until we are sure.

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