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Update release notes for 1.3.1

Fixes #522

Updates describing bugfixes for v1.3.1.
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+* Riak CS 1.3.1 Release Notes
+** Bugs Fixed
+- Fix bug in handling of active object manifests in the case of
+ overwrite or delete that could lead to old object versions being
+ resurrected.
+- Fix improper capitalization of user metadata header names.
+- Fix issue where the S3 rewrite module omits any query parameters
+ that are not S3 subresources. Also correct handling of query
+ parameters so that parameter values are not URL decoded twice. This
+ primarily affects pre-signed URLs because the access key and request
+ signature are included as query parameters.
+- Fix for issue with init script stop.
* Riak CS 1.3.0 Release Notes
** Bugs Fixed
- Fix handling of cases where buckets have siblings. Previously this

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