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General instruction

  1. Make sure that your riak_test is the latest one for 2.0.

  2. Ensure that riak_test builds are in place for:

    • Riak
    • Riak EE
    • Riak CS
    • Stanchion

Example to setup old and new CS:

$ mkdir ~/rt
$ cd ~/rt
$ cd path/to/repo/riak_cs
## Only for Enterprise build
$ export RIAK_CS_EE_DEPS=true
$ riak_test/bin/
$ riak_test/bin/
## make sure runtime is Basho's patched R16B02-basho5
$ make devrel && riak_test/bin/

Example to setup old and new Stanchion:

$ cd path/to/repo/stanchion
$ riak_test/bin/
$ riak_test/bin/
## make sure runtime is Basho's patched R16B02-basho5
$ make devrel && riak_test/bin/

Example to setup 1.4.x and 2.0 as old and new Riak (maybe same as Riak OSS... while shell scripts are included in riak_test repo):

$ mkdir ~/rt/riak_ee
## make sure runtime is Basho's patched R16B02-basho5
$ tar xzf riak-ee-2.0.1.tar.gz
$ cd riak-ee-2.0.1 && make devrel
$ riak_test/bin/
$ riak_test/bin/

## change runtime to Basho's patched R15B01
$ tar xzf riak-ee-1.4.10.tar.gz
$ cd riak-ee-1.4.10 && make devrel
$ mkdir ~/rt/riak_ee/riak-ee-1.4.10
$ cp -r dev ~/rt/riak_ee/riak-ee-1.4.10
$ cd ~/rt/riak_ee
$ git add riak-ee-1.4.10
$ git commit -m "Add 1.4 series Riak EE"
  1. Setup a ~/.riak_test.config file like this:
    {default, [
           {rt_max_wait_time, 180000},
           {rt_retry_delay, 1000}

    {rtdev, [
         {rt_deps, [
         {rt_retry_delay, 500},
         {rt_harness, rtdev},
         {rtdev_path, [{root, "/Users/kelly/rt/riak"},
                       {current, "/Users/kelly/rt/riak/current"},
                       {ee_root, "/Users/kelly/rt/riak_ee"},
                       {ee_current, "/Users/kelly/rt/riak_ee/current"}

{rt_cs_dev, [
  {rt_project, "riak_cs"},
     {rt_deps, [
     {rt_retry_delay, 500},
     {rt_harness, rt_cs_dev},
     {build_paths, [{root,              "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_ee"},
                    {current,           "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_ee/current"},
                    {ee_root,           "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_ee"},
                    {ee_current,        "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_ee/current"},
                    {ee_previous,       "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_ee/riak-ee-1.4.10"},
                    {cs_root,           "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_cs"},
                    {cs_current,        "/home/kuenishi/rt/riak_cs/current"},
                    {stanchion_root,    "/home/kuenishi/rt/stanchion"},
                    {stanchion_current, "/home/kuenishi/rt/stanchion/current"},
     {test_paths, ["/home/kuenishi/cs-2.0/riak_cs/riak_test/ebin"]},
     {src_paths, [{cs_src_root, "/home/kuenishi/cs-2.0/riak_cs"}]},
     {lager_level, debug},
     %%{build_type, oss},
     {build_type, ee},
     {flavor, basic},
     {backend, {multi_backend, bitcask}}

Running the RiakCS tests for riak_test use a different test harness (rt_cs_dev) than running the Riak tests and so requires a separate configuration section. Notice the extra riak_cs/deps in the rt_deps section. RT_DEST_DIR should be replaced by the path used when setting up riak_test builds for Riak (by default $HOME/rt/riak). The same should be done for RTEE_DEST_DIR (default $HOME/rt/riak_ee), RTCS_DEST_DIR (default $HOME/rt/riak_cs) and RTSTANCHION_DEST_DIR (default $HOME/rt/stanchion).

The build_type option is used to differentiate between an open-source (oss) build of RiakCS and the enterprise version (ee). The default is oss and this option can be omitted when these tests are used by open-source users.

The backend option is used to indicate which Riak backend option should be used. The valid options are {multi_backend, bitcask} and memory. {multi_backend, bitcask} is the default option and represents the default recommended backed for production use of RiakCS.

The test_paths option is a list of fully-qualified paths which riak_test will use to find additional tests. Since the Riak CS tests do not live inside the riak_test repository and escript, this should point to the compiled tests in riak_cs/riak_test/ebin.

The flavor option is used to vary environment setup. Some riak_test modules use only S3 API and does not depend on details, such as number of riak nodes, riak's backend, MDC or not, multibag or not. By adding flavor setting to riak_test config, such generic test cases can be utilized to verify Riak CS's behavior in various setups. The scope of setup functions affected by flavors are rtcs:setup/1 and rtcs:setup/2. Other setup functions, for example rtcs:setup2x2 used by repl_test, does not change their behavior. The valid option values are basic (default) and {multibag, disjoint}. {multibag, disjoint} setup multibag environment with 3 bags, the master bag with two riak nodes and two additional bags with one riak node each.

  1. To build the riak_test files use the compile-riak-test Makefile target or run ./rebar riak_test_compile.

  2. The Riak client tests are now automated by the tests/external_client_tests.erl test. There are several prerequisites:

  • Your $PATH must have erl available.
  • Your $PATH must have a version of Python available that also has access to the Boto S3 libraries.
  • Your $PATH must have Clojure's "lein" available. "lein" is the main executable for the Leinigen tool.
  • Your system must have libevent installed. If you see an error for a missing 'event.h' file during test runs, this is because libevent is not installed.
  • Your system must have Ruby > 2.0 and PHP > 5.5 and PHP composer insalled.
  • Your system must have Golang (go, $GOHOME, $GOROOT) correctly installed.

  1. Before running the Riak client tests, your ~/.riak_test.config file must contain an entry for cs_src_root in the src_paths list, as shown above. The source in this directory must be successfully compiled using the top level make all target.

  2. Before running the Riak client tests, you must first use the commands make clean-client-test and then make compile-client-test.

  3. To execute a test, run the following from the riak_test repo:

    ./riak_test -c rt_cs_dev -t TEST_NAME
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