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I had posted a Gist to my blog with some erlang i wrote to get and update values in app.config in order to facilitate automated deployment of a Riak cluster. Mark Phillups suggested I contribute it here.

Let me know if there is anything I need to change in the script or overview file.

Right now the main limitation of the update_config_value function is that it only takes one value at a time and so you're doing a lot of extra work if you are updating many values. I intend to update it to take an array of tuples that contain all of the settings to update so that i can do one full sweep of the terms read in from the app.config file and process all the updates at once.

aschepis added some commits Aug 27, 2011

add app.config edit script
erlang script that can retrieve or update values in the Riak app.config
file.  Suitable for use in building automation tools.

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