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+* riak_kv
+** Overview
+Riak KV is an open source Erlang application that is distributed using the [[][riak_core]] Erlang
+library. Riak KV provides a key/value datastore and features MapReduce, lightweight data relations, and several different client APIs.
+** Quick Start
+ You must have [[][Erlang/OTP R13B04]] or later and a GNU-style build
+ system to compile and run =riak_kv=. The easiest way to utilize riak_kv is by installing the full
+ Riak application available on [[][Github]].
+** Contributing
+ We encourage contributions to =riak_kv= from the community.
+ 1) Fork the =riak_kv= repository on [[][Github]].
+ 2) Clone your fork or add the remote if you already have a clone of
+ the repository.
+#+BEGIN_SRC shell
+git clone
+# or
+git remote add mine
+ 3) Create a topic branch for your change.
+#+BEGIN_SRC shell
+git checkout -b some-topic-branch
+ 4) Make your change and commit. Use a clear and descriptive commit
+ message, spanning multiple lines if detailed explanation is
+ needed.
+ 5) Push to your fork of the repository and then send a pull-request
+ through Github.
+#+BEGIN_SRC shell
+git push mine some-topic-branch
+ 6) A Basho engineer or community maintainer will review your patch
+ and merge it into the main repository or send you feedback.

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