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HTTP socket isn't closed if 2i or list-keys FSM dies #320

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This problem could be more widespread, but at the least:

If you make an HTTP request for either list-keys or 2i, and the coverage FSM (one of riak_kv_index_fsm or riak_kv_keys_fsm) dies, the HTTP socket remains open. To illustrate the error, try this patch:

diff --git src/riak_kv_keys_fsm.erl src/riak_kv_keys_fsm.erl
index 95608e1..faedaa2 100644
--- src/riak_kv_keys_fsm.erl
+++ src/riak_kv_keys_fsm.erl
@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ process_results({From, Bucket, Keys},
                                  from={raw, ReqId, ClientPid}}) ->
     process_keys(ClientType, Bucket, Keys, ReqId, ClientPid),
+    exit(self(), error),
     riak_kv_vnode:ack_keys(From), % tell that vnode we're ready for more
     {ok, StateData};
 process_results({Bucket, Keys},
@jtuple jtuple added this to the 2.1 milestone
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