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With the HTTP API regarding tombstones here's what we currently have:

  1. If only a tombstone exists when you do a GET for a key, you will receive a 404 but it will contain the X-Riak-Vclock header. A "normal" 404 (when there's no object) will not have this header.
  2. If there is a set of siblings, and one of them is a tombstone:
    • Retrieving all the siblings at once by including Accept: multipart/mixed in the GET request will return all the siblings, and the tombstone will include the X-Riak-Deleted header
    • Retrieving each sibling manually by adding ?vtag=XXXXXX to the GET will (unfortunately) return a 200 OK for the tombstone but it will have an empty body (Content-Length: 0).

It seems the easiest way to approach this since we're returning a 404 in 1. is to add the X-Riak-Deleted header there for consistency with 2a.

In the case of 2b. ... ? @seancribbs is lobbying that we remove the fetch each sibling via the ?vtag=XXXXX method since there's no logical reason to do so. At the very least we should add the X-Riak-Deleted header (and IMHO make it return a 404).


Resolved by #520

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