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Protoc dependency free version for Python Package Index #36

martyanov opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

Andrey Martyanov Sean Cribbs
Andrey Martyanov

I've created a repo based on a PYPI riak_pb version 1.2.1 and removed unnecessary stuff to demonstrate what I mean.

I think protoc and build hooks are useful only during development.

Sean Cribbs

Would it be possible to convert that into some steps that would provide an sdist tarball that includes the precompiled proto files for pypi?

Andrey Martyanov

You already have the working machinery. I'm just proposing to split the package building into two separate steps:
1. Use as a separate executable, remove cmdclass from;
2. Build a tarball, we should remove MANIFEST.IN to exclude unnecessary protobuf sources and;
3. Edit Makefile.

I use the proposed repository to install riak-python-client on Heroku, because protoc installation really complicates the deployment.

Andrey Martyanov

I've just created pull request with a possible solution. Please see #37.

It's the easiest working solution, but may be it's better to refactor, now it looks like a dirty hack.

Sean Cribbs seancribbs closed this in 337729e
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