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remove tests that were migrated to riak_test

these tests were moved to riak_test as part of commit
a63c30993e93db8c9f3c2e912b5fcab238cdb635 in that repo,
in pull request riak_test#143
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1 parent 4709002 commit b72e4e08596deecda12c15d04a5d169136814343 Bryan Fink committed Jan 7, 2013
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  3. +1 −10 src/riak_pipe_fitting.erl
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@@ -729,3 +729,9 @@ A diagram recording the supervisor/link/monitor structure of the
Erlang processes involved in Riak Pipe is included in the file The comments at the top of that file
describe how to render it to an image using Graphviz.
+* Testing
+System-level tests for Riak Pipe are included with the [[][riak_test]]
+repository. You'll find them in the =tests= directory with names that
+start with =pipe_verify_=.
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