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performance issues: PB client/mapred/pipe #103

rzezeski opened this Issue April 05, 2012 · 3 comments

3 participants

Ryan Zezeski Sean Cribbs Gregory Burd
Ryan Zezeski

As pointed out on the mailing list there are performance issues regarding the integration of the PB client/pipe/mapred/search (1). Essentially mapred/search can take orders of magnitude longer via the PB client because of issues with pipe/search integration. Until this is fixed there are two work arounds:

  1. Use legacy mapreduce (2)

  2. If writing an Erlang application you can still use pipe for mapreduce but make rpc calls to the search:mapred function. This function is still hardcoded to use the legacy system and therefore won't be affected if the general mapreduce system is using pipe.



Sean Cribbs

@rzezeski We should talk about native PB endpoints for Search (and other apps).

Gregory Burd
gburd commented April 10, 2012

This impacts a customer's use of search: zd #1189

Sean Cribbs

Still valid? We now have a native PB endpoint for Search.

Ryan Zezeski rzezeski closed this February 18, 2014
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