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Dialyzer fixes #96

merged 14 commits into from Mar 26, 2012

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rzezeski added some commits Oct 15, 2011
@rzezeski rzezeski Remove old entries from ignore file 68a3715
@rzezeski rzezeski Allow multiline queries
A multiline query cases a badmatch because the parser assumes single line
queries.  Changing the pattern and testing a few multiline queries showed they
are parsed just the same as their single line counterparts.
@rzezeski rzezeski Use canonical riak_object type
This fixes some dialyzer errors that, frankly, confused me very much.
@rzezeski rzezeski Fix spec for make_indexed_doc ac674d9
@rzezeski rzezeski Use more specific type for idxdoc 8466770
@rzezeski rzezeski Remove unreachable code
Since a list is always passed to this function the first function head can
never match.
@rzezeski rzezeski Make dialyzer happy
Dialyzer was giving me the following warning so I refactored into a map call
which I think looks cleaner anyways.

    The pattern [{{Idx, Node}, 'primary'} | _] can never match the type []
@rzezeski rzezeski Add canonical index type
Add a canonical index type that all of riak_search, as well as it's clients,
can reference.
@rzezeski rzezeski Add specs to Search/Merge Index boundary 458a073
@rzezeski rzezeski Remove unused macros 38e6643
@rzezeski rzezeski Move spec next to function 3d35ace
@rzezeski rzezeski Spec out the query stream code
Gave a good first round spec-out of the query streaming code.  Some of the specs
could be tighter.  All good things come with time.
@rzezeski rzezeski Fix spec for index_object e64c4fc
@rzezeski rzezeski Remove unreachable code
I'm not sure how it ever got there but this code cannot be reached as the
string/1 fun will always return either `{ok, Tokens, Line}` or
`{error, Error, Line}`.
Basho Technologies member

:trollface: I saw a meaningless micro-benchmark on the erlang ML that says list comprehensions are much faster, and Kostis said the same when he talked about his refactoring tool at EF London :trollface:

lists:map (in this case) is easier to read.

Interesting, yea I remember andrew telling me list comprehensions are the fastest method of iterating list. I just gave up because dialyzer was trolling me. I haven't seen this fun dominate any of the fprof analysis I've done yet but I'll remember to keep your note in mind.

Basho Technologies member

A quick grep seems to point at this only being called with a list…did you refactor out calls to it with an array, or was it old, dead code?

Yes, it is dead code.

Basho Technologies member

I still get some dialyzer warnings, but the changes all look good, and search still passes tests. +1 to merge.

@rzezeski rzezeski was assigned Mar 26, 2012
Basho Technologies member

Those warnings

Proceeding with analysis...
merge_index_backend.erl:151: Type specification merge_index_backend:stream_to(itr_result(),sender()) -> any() is a       supertype of the success typing:  merge_index_backend:stream_to('eof' | {_,_},'ignore' | {'fsm','undefined' |   reference(),pid()} | {'raw',reference(),pid()}) -> any()
riak_search_config.erl:51: Type specification riak_search_config:get_schema(any()) -> {'ok',any()} | {'error','badarg'} | any() is a supertype of the success typing: riak_search_config:get_schema(atom() | binary() | maybe_improper_list(binary()  | maybe_improper_list(any(),binary() | []) | byte(),binary() | []) | integer() | tuple()) -> any()
riak_search_op_term.erl:60: Type specification riak_search_op_term:start_loop(any(),pid(),reference(),#search_state{}) -> any() is a supertype of the success typing: riak_search_op_term:start_loop(#term{},pid(),reference(),#search_state{}) ->  {'disconnect',_} | {'error',_}
riak_search_utils.erl:116: Type specification riak_search_utils:choose([any()]) -> any() is a supertype of the success typing: riak_search_utils:choose([any(),...]) -> any()
riak_search_utils.erl:176: The variable Error can never match since previous clauses completely covered the type {'value',_,[{_,_}]}
@rzezeski rzezeski merged commit 7818ac9 into basho:master Mar 26, 2012
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