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# Riaknostic
-Riaknostic performs basic diagnostics on Riak nodes.
+Riaknostic performs basic diagnostics on Riak nodes. See the
+[Riaknostic homepage]( for user-oriented
-## Building
+## Development
-To build Riaknostic execute the following command
+Riaknostic requires a sane GNU build system and a recent version of
+Erlang. It has `lager` and `getopt` as dependencies, so those must be
+compatible with your version of Erlang. Release versions are currently
+built with R14B03. See the `rebar.config` file for more details.
- ./rebar get-deps compile escriptize
+To build Riaknostic, simply run `make`:
-This will compile and package Riaknostic into a Erlang shell script.
+$ make
+./rebar get-deps
+==> riaknostic (get-deps)
+Pulling lager from {git,"git://",{branch,"master"}}
+Cloning into lager...
+Pulling getopt from {git,"git://","2981dfe"}
+Cloning into getopt...
+==> lager (get-deps)
+==> getopt (get-deps)
+./rebar compile
+==> lager (compile)
+Compiled src/lager_util.erl
+Compiled src/lager_transform.erl
+Compiled src/lager_sup.erl
+Compiled src/lager_mochiglobal.erl
+Compiled src/lager_stdlib.erl
+Compiled src/lager_handler_watcher_sup.erl
+Compiled src/lager_handler_watcher.erl
+Compiled src/lager_trunc_io.erl
+Compiled src/lager_crash_log.erl
+Compiled src/lager_file_backend.erl
+Compiled src/lager_app.erl
+Compiled src/lager.erl
+Compiled src/lager_console_backend.erl
+Compiled src/lager_format.erl
+Compiled src/error_logger_lager_h.erl
+==> getopt (compile)
+Compiled src/getopt.erl
+==> riaknostic (compile)
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_util.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_node.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check_ring_size.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check_ring_membership.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_config.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check_memory_use.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check_nodes_connected.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check_dumps.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic.erl
+Compiled src/riaknostic_check_disk.erl
+./rebar escriptize
+==> lager (escriptize)
+==> getopt (escriptize)
+==> riaknostic (escriptize)
-## Usage
+Now you can invoke the script manually via the below command:
- riaknostic [-h] [-l] [-dir <riak directory>] [-bitcask_threshold <int> [-bitcask_threshold_type <type>]] [<module,...>]
+$ ./riaknostic --etc ~/code/riak/rel/riak/etc --base ~/code/riak/rel/riak --user `whoami` [other options]
- -h Show the program options
- -l List available riaknostic modules
- -dir Specify the location of riak
- -bitcask_threshold The size in bytes to be considered a large value
- -bitcask_threshold_type Check blob_size, sibling_count, or vclock_length
- module A diagnostic. By default, all riaknostics are run
+To generate the edoc reference, use `make docs` and then open the
+`doc/index.html` file in your browser. Detailed discussion of the
+internal APIs that you can use in developing new diagnostics is found
+in the edocs.
-## TODO
+## Contributing
-- Control over output verbosity
-- More riaknostics
-- Siblings check
+1. Fork the project on [Github](
+2. Make your changes or additions on a "topic" branch, test and
+ document them. If you are making a new diagnostic, make sure you
+ give some module-level information about the checks it
+ performs. *Note*: diagnostics _should not_ make modifications to
+ Riak, only inspect things.
+3. Push to your fork and send a pull-request.
+4. A Basho Developer Advocate or Engineer will review your
+ pull-request and get back to you.

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