Fix Riaknostic Bugs #25

merged 8 commits into from Apr 2, 2012

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xargs for Linux does not have -J


The correct error message is eacces, not eaccess


Added can_connect_all for tests that require all cluster members to be up in order to run, fixed run-time errors for the search check

Travis CI config

Use a post-commit hook to validate our eunit tests

Initial meck/eunit test(s)

Use meck for module mocking, and start testing the various checks

Tryn Mirell added some commits Apr 2, 2012
Tryn Mirell Fix xargs argument for Linux 27e023d
Tryn Mirell eaccess -> eacces to catch the error correctly c588a9f
Tryn Mirell Add can_connect_all to check if all nodes are available.
The reason for this, is that for search we're checking if search is enabled
or disabled on all nodes. If a node is down, this is not a valid test, and
errors out otherwise.
Tryn Mirell Check if connected first before running all connected b01db5a
Tryn Mirell Travis CI config fa74eb2
Tryn Mirell Ignore .eunit folder f2e59a9
Tryn Mirell Add meck as a dependency 55eca41
Tryn Mirell Initial eunit test for riaknostic_check_ring using meck 115b766
@trynity trynity merged commit 3033154 into basho:master Apr 2, 2012
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