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require 'helper'
class TestJsonDocument < MiniTest::Spec
context "Ripple::Encryption::JsonDocument" do
setup do
# get some encryption going
@config = ENV['ENCRYPTION']
encryptor = @config.to_h
# this is the data package that we want
@document = {'some' => 'data goes here'}
# this is how we want that data package to actually be stored
encrypted_value = encryptor.encrypt JSON.dump @document
@encrypted_document = JSON.dump({:version => Ripple::Encryption::VERSION, :iv => Base64.encode64(@config.to_h['iv']), :data => Base64.encode64(encrypted_value)})
should "convert a document to our desired JSON format" do
another_encrypted_document =, @document).encrypt
assert another_encrypted_document != @encrypted_document, "Documents have same cipher text, iv may not be unique"
assert (JSON.parse another_encrypted_document).has_key?('version'), 'Did not have a version attribute'
assert (JSON.parse another_encrypted_document).has_key?('iv'), 'Did not have a iv attribute'
assert (JSON.parse another_encrypted_document).has_key?('data'), 'Did not have a data attribute'
decrypted_document =, @encrypted_document).decrypt
assert_equal @document, decrypted_document, 'Decrypted JSON document does not match original'
context "Ripple::Encryption::JsonDocument with no initialization vector" do
setup do
# this is the data package that we want
@document = {'some' => 'data goes here'}
# rig a JsonDocument without an iv
@config = File.expand_path(File.join('..','fixtures','encryption_no_iv.yml'),__FILE__)
@json_document =, @document)
should "convert a document to our desired JSON format and back again" do
encrypted_document = @json_document.encrypt
assert_equal @document,, encrypted_document).decrypt, 'Did not get the JSON format expected.'