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Release Notes - The Riak Community v0.4

The following release notes chronicle the key events that happened in the Riak Community from approximately June 1 thru June 30. If you have something contribute, please submit a pull request. (We want everything the community has done, so don't hesitate to add something for a past set of release notes.)

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Blog Posts and Podcasts



Talks, Slide Decks, and Other Presos

Code Releases

  • Bryce Kerley released the beginnings of a libary called hanover, "CRDTs for Ruby and eventually Riak". [June 29]
  • boo started work on a SQLite backend for Riak. [June 28]
  • John Vincent added riak support to the logstash log management tool. [June 26]
  • Zachary Voase announced rkQuery, a jQuery-inspired library for Riak Search, written in Python. [June 21]
  • Timo Gatsonides released goriakpbc, a riak client written in Go using the protocol buffers interface. [June 18]
  • Andrew Nelson got started on a new Perl library for Riak called Data-Riak. [June 17]
  • The ClojureWerkz team released version 1.1.0 of Welle, and expressive Clojure cient for Riak. [June 16]
  • Emily Rose released riakstar, a bad-ass Riak client for Node.js. [June 14]
  • The team at Bump released diesel, a networking framework written in Python. [June 10]
  • Florian and Felix Gilcher of Asquera GmbH released vagrant-riak-cluster, a package that spins up a small cluster of riak nodes using Vagrant. [June 4]
  • Michael Bernstein open-sourced shoebox, an example programing using riakpbc. [June 3]
  • Michael Bernstein updated riakpbc, a Riak Protocol Buffers Client implemented in Go. [June 3]
  • Istvan Soos released riak-dart, an HTTP-based Riak client written in Dart. [June 3]
  • Sean Cribbs released his and Kyle Kingsbury's resource pool Innertube as a standalone gem. [June 1]

Other Awesome Things Riak Users Did

New Known Production Deployments

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