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%%-*- mode: erlang -*-
%% Basic Webmachine application skeleton
%% Variables:
%% appid: name of the application to build
%% default = "wmskel"
%% webmachine: path to webmachine from this template
%% default = "../.."
%% prefix: path where the application should be created
%% default = "."
{variables, [{appid, "wmskel"},
{webmachine, "../.."},
{prefix, "."}]}.
%% main project files
{template, "README", "{{prefix}}/README"}.
{template, "Makefile", "{{prefix}}/Makefile"}.
{template, "rebar.config", "{{prefix}}/rebar.config"}.
{file, "{{webmachine}}/rebar", "{{prefix}}/rebar"}.
{chmod, 8#744, "{{prefix}}/rebar"}.
{template, "", "{{prefix}}/"}.
{chmod, 8#744, "{{prefix}}/"}.
{template, "src/", "{{prefix}}/src/{{appid}}.app.src"}.
{template, "src/wmskel.erl", "{{prefix}}/src/{{appid}}.erl"}.
{template, "src/wmskel_app.erl", "{{prefix}}/src/{{appid}}_app.erl"}.
{template, "src/wmskel_sup.erl", "{{prefix}}/src/{{appid}}_sup.erl"}.
{template, "src/wmskel_resource.erl", "{{prefix}}/src/{{appid}}_resource.erl"}.
{template, "priv/dispatch.conf", "{{prefix}}/priv/dispatch.conf"}.
{dir, "{{prefix}}/priv/www"}.
%% dependencies
{dir, "{{prefix}}/deps"}.
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